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Others were ingenious yet troubling (Appetite, one of the first shorts to utilize computer animation). Others still were simply downright inexpressible in their bizarreness (La Salla). No matter which episode was aired, unsuspecting viewers were guaranteed to have a trippy experience enjoying toons from their next-door neighbors to the north. That's the very best method to explain Spongebob Squarepants, Nickelodeon's longest-running as well as most popular computer animated collection.

If the lightshows themselves didn't make them trippy, the robots absolutely did. Frank Zappa's live-action film 200 Motels has a very unique and also trippy animated series made by Cal Schenkel, readied to Zappa's just as unusual music. Extra especially, the title tune after Charlotte's lullaby to Wilbur is a more trippy minute. In Beavis and Butt-Head Do America, Beavis consumes a peyote cactus while in the desert as well as experiences a surreal computer animated music video for White Zombie's "Ratfinks, Self-destruction buying psilocybin spores Storage Tanks as well as Cannibal Girls".

Although, the entire show could be thought about an acid sequence, as it is Mickey's desires. Likewise the music numbers in Pennies from Paradise which are mostly all in Steve Martin's head. Unless it's the initial BBC TV series, in which case they're all in Bob Hoskins' head. Every musical number in the movie variation of Chicago Click here for more besides those which are already explicitly set on a phase, happens inside Roxy Hart's head. In a comparable vein, a lot of the large production numbers in the musical version of "Kiss of the Spider Lady" occur in Louis Molina's head.

Mos Def as Ford Prefect, Sam Rockwell as Zaphod Beeblebrox, and also Alan Rickman as depressing robot Marvin are all absolute treats. For all you cord cutters taking part in the organic festivities, we have actually combed the interwebs for the trippiest movies as well as TELEVISION shows presently readily available on Netflix, Hulu,, and other video-streaming solutions. They're listed here in indexed order so your brain doesn't need to work too hard.

The narrator is English, yet the children audio American (and also can not act effectively), as well as the backgrounds and also atmospheres the personalities populate are extremely Swedish. The Three Pals as well as Jerry is a sum of its parts as an ignored however undervalued psychedelic viewing experience. What makes the show attract attention is that on top of its trippy, psychedelic visual, the show in fact had a rather extensive, engaged story, complicated personalities and also had a strong pro-LGBTQ message. Some were amusing (such as the Oscar-nominated The Cat Returned by Cordell Baker).


  • Much more significantly, the title tune after Charlotte's lullaby to Wilbur is a more trippy moment.
  • Frank Zappa's live-action film 200 Motels has a very unique as well as trippy animated series made by Cal Schenkel, set to Zappa's similarly strange music.
  • The Pinball series, as an example, had a pinball journey with a technicolour and extremely large pinball device, while it counted one through twelve.
  • If the lightshows themselves really did not make them trippy, the automatons certainly did.


Yet MDMA is (arguably) not an actual psychedelic, yet is explained by psychologists as an entactogen. The go crazy movement of the 1990s was a psychedelic renaissance sustained by the development of newly offered digital innovations.


From Belladonna Of Despair To Rick & Morty, International Computer Animation Has Fallen Deep Down The Bunny Hole Of Psychedelia.


Both of the first two Dragon Ball Z flicks have Disney Acid Series featuring Gohan. Every installation of the Metro Good manners PSAs, following Super Kind's Improvement Series, cuts to a music series that occurs on very stylized collections instead of on a bus/train like the rest of the episode. These feature unique touches such as supersized fruits floating in the background and also a tiny train appearing of Super Kind's mouth.

The solitary tune in Watership Down is this trope turned up to 11 and also handles to be both a Split Jerker as well as Problem Fuel at the very same time. It assists that Art Garfunkel sings it, and it's about the White Blindness.